Despite a number of major musical acts that played earlier in the day, Jay-Z saved the best for last at his Made in America festival: Himself. Click below for my personal SHOTS from his set at the main stage:

What: Made in America Festival (Jay-Z’s set)

Where: Philadelphia, PA

Venue: Benjamin Franklin Parkway

When: September 1, 2012

Who: Jay-Z, Young Guru, The Roc Boyz (band)

Notes: Man, what a way to catch arguably the greatest living MC in concert – in the photo pit five feet away from him.

Young Guru and The Roc Boyz band set the performance in motion by hyping up the crowd a bit until the main act entered the stage to the soundtrack of his Watch the Throne track, “Made in America.”

Wearing his customized Just Don Brooklyn Nets snakeskin snapback, he actually started his set with “PSA.” ALLOW ME TO RE-INTRODUCE MYSELF! The set followed with “Big Pimpin,” “H to the Izzo,” and “Empire State of Mind” before he was cut short by a special guest: President Obama. Obama delivered a short message  to the crowd and explained how Jay-Z was truly “made in America.”

The only disappointing part about the performance is that they kicked us out of the photo pit after the third song and I didn’t have a telescopic lens handy to catch all of the guests. The G.O.O.D. Music team was in the house as was part of Philly’s own State Property. I’m happy I, at least, got a chance to put down the camera and reflect on the night with the rest of the crowd.

Click each thumbnail to enlarge. Feel free to utilize the SHOTS but please link back to! Enjoy: