Here’s a list of my top 10 SHOTS of 2012. I’ve ranked them based on ¬†personal significance, eye-catching appeal and technical aspects – so simply the technically “best” photo may not actually be one of the winners on this list. Click below to check it out:

#10: The most polarizing figure of 2012 goes to Lana Del Rey – but I am happy I got a chance to catch her BEFORE all of the commotion. I had a small point and shoot for this show, but her meteoric rise in 2012 gave this photo enough significance to be included on this list. Technically, this show was in December of 2011, but I didn’t get around to posting the gallery until January 2012. Oh well.



#9: Absolutely love the light streaking that I gave Stalley by adjusting the shutter speed. Captures the intensity of the performance in a unique and visible way. Fairly certain this was one of my Stalley photos that went viral. More shots HERE.



#8: I was front and center to see Hall & Oates come together and perform for the first ever Googa Mooga Festival in Brooklyn. Truly an incredible experience to capture these two in action! Make sure to click the link above to check out my full coverage of the show.



#7: Slick Rick the Ruler! He was one of the special guests who came out to perform at the FlashFWD award show and rocked the stage. A truly legendary hip hop artist in the flesh and I was there to capture him…jewels, eye patch and all!



#6: Actor Donald Glover (NBC’s Community, HBO’s Girls) had a breakout 2012 going under the music alias Childish Gambino. From his successful independent album, Camp, to his multiple-city sell out of a tour, he solidified himself as a serious artist. Love the raw emotion captured in this shot as he performed at Princeton’s Lawnparties event.



#5: I like this photo because it really reflects what The Weeknd is all about: A mysterious confidence. The man still has yet to do one single piece of publicity since jumping on to the scene, so I was pleased to be able to capture his first performance of his first ever U.S. headlining tour in Brooklyn. There’s a intensity in this shot I enjoy, clouded by the aura of mystery. He lets the music speak for itself. More shots HERE. Oh, and our video coverage from the show went viral.



#4: During Hot 97’s 2012 Summer Jam, Nas turned his back on the crowd for a moment for what looked like a moment of reflection. I was right up front to catch him as he turned toward his side and gave a smile to one of his partners on stage. The intense blue light is what really does it in this shot.



#3: Kanye West performing at the Samsung Galaxy Note II event in NYC. Those that know me know that I’ve been trying to capture Kanye West for a few years now – I’ve JUST missed him numerous times. Whether it was leaving a show early and he later came out as a guest or I had a conflict and couldn’t wind up going to an event…I kept missing the guy. When I finally got to see him recently, it was literally a front row seat. This is just one of the many photos I took at the event that I truly love. Click here to see the rest of the gallery.



#2: Dan Auerbach of The Black Keys performing at NYC’s Catalpa Festival. From the lighting to the intense, mid-song capture, I love everything about this picture.



#1: Jay-Z at Philly’s Made in America Festival. By far my favorite photo I’ve ever taken of an artist. This was captured as Jay-Z turned toward a screen on the side of the stage and President Obama addressed both Jay and the crowd. This had to be one of Jay-Z’s finer moments in his career and I’m glad I was able to capture it. The lighting on the screen illuminating Jay-Z’s silhouette is just killer. ¬†If there’s one photo that I would want to have turned in to a poster and autographed, it would be this one: